Happy xmas and a merry new year!

December 2017

The Earth has made one more trip around the sun, and it’s been a big orbit (year) to say the least, with a few large projects completed, lots of gigs and LOTS of hard work. On top of everything mentioned below I’ve also moved house twice and driven more Kilometres than any previous year.


Christmas message

First off, I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and new year period full of family, friends and fun times!
I’ll be aiming to take a road trip to spend mine with a whole bunch of family.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me this year by coming to gigs or playing them with me, buying my original music and my other created merchandise, helping me out online and on anti-social media, and anything else that has helped me continue to legitimately do this full-time.



What else happened in 2017?
True EP

Sentient Life

I finished off the True EP this year. I’m excited it’s now out in the world for everyone to hear, and also because I don’t have to do any more work on it. It’s done, finished, and I can move on!
I started working on the demos in late 2015 and spent the majority of 2016 sourcing studio time, musicians to perform in the recording and other logistical requirements. This of course was in amongst my move to Brisbane and a number of other changes for me that year.

Late 2016 and early 2017 was spent recording (and fitting everyone’s schedules) then a few months of mixing, mastering and pressing.

It might sound like a long time for just a few tracks, but my songwriting and recording approach has always been quality over quantity, and I’m incredibly proud of the end result. I’d like to particularly thank my producer and friend Nathan Stanborough who helped make this a reality!

You can find it in in the store both physical and digital forms, along with my previous releases.


Sentient Life official reveal

It was finally time to officially announce my original band project Sentient Life, which I’ve been planning and laying groundwork for over the last few years.

In 2018, I’ll continue sourcing new members for the live band and I’m looking forward to start playing shows with this new beast and getting it off the ground!
I’m hoping to get to the launch of the True EP as soon as this happens, stay tuned.


This very website!

Another project that took up a significant amount of my time and work this year was planning and building this site.
One more thing I’ve been thinking about for a long time, it’s finally made the jump from my brain to reality!

I’ve now got a one-stop-shop for information, content, merchandise and everything else about me as a career musician.

I’d like to make another shout-out to Greg, Nick and the team at Your Easy Web Solutions for all their fantastic work in building this site, while I tried my best to help without breaking anything (I did a lot of the easy but time consuming tasks). Thank you guys!

Next year I’ll be looking into getting my music on some streaming services to make it more easily accessible for everyone.


NCEIA Dolphin Awards

I entered two of the songs from the True EP into the 2017 Dolphin Awards and both got through to the finals in their respective categories, beating out quite a number of contenders. The songs didn’t win, but it’s still nice to have gotten that far and to be a part of it. I’m looking forward to entering again next year with new material.

If you like, you can read more about it here.


Writing retreat

I also took a chance and tried something new.
I had some holiday time in November, and so instead of planning everything like I usually do, I picked a spot on the map and just drove in that direction.

I ended up having a wonderful few days around Lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe QLD, full of relaxation and inspiration for writing. I got an entire song out of that time too, which is another unusual thing for me, as my songs generally take months on average to write (again, I focus on quality over quantity, but also because I’m just so busy it’s hard to find time to write when there’s so much else to do).
I’m excited to do more of these “writing retreats” and to get this new song out into peoples ears at my live shows. Sometime in 2018 I plan to record it as well.


Well, that’s about it for all the larger things that were accomplished this year. Here’s hoping I can top it in 2018.

What’s on the cards for next year? Plenty of gigs, plus a couple of big projects on the ideas list, keep an eye out!


Have a great holiday period everybody and I’ll see you soon!


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