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If 90s and 2000s rock and punk is your thing, then All Gone is the band for your ears.

Find them at your local and you can expect to hear Blink 182, The Offspring, Sum 41, Foo Fighters, New Found Glory, Grinspoon, The Living End, Green Day, Unwritten Law, A Day to Remember, Metallica and plenty more.

So come on. Get loose with your feet jumping and your head banging!

All Gone is another of my Northern Rivers cover bands, specialising in rock, punk and grunge, with a hint of metal.
In this project, I sing without playing guitar, so it gives me something different from all my other projects, and allows me the freedom to jump around a little.

You can find us rocking out around the Northern Rivers and we are hoping to soon expand to the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

How did it all begin?

All Gone actually began at the very same high school I went to, the original members were in the class or two above mine.
They played quite heavily for a number of years around the local area, and their original singer was even named Nathan.

I joined the band in early 2015. I had known and worked with the guys previously in other jobs and bands, so they called on me when it came time for them to find a replacement Nathan.

We’ve been enjoying rocking together ever since and reliving the “good ol’ days” of punk i.e. 1995-2004.

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