Music to get you thinking on your feet



“Who are you?”

Nathan Eggins, a humble lad from a small country town in NSW. Conspiracy of One is my solo project and is named after an album by one of my favourite bands.
I play solo acoustic, and will soon be playing with a band of my own as well.

“What do you write about?

Science, psychology, social commentary and I also occasionally write a “normal” song every so often, about my thoughts and my life. I do this in a fun and accessible way, and while I’m not a comedy act, I do like to work humour into my lyrics and context.

“Where do you draw your inspiration?

In terms of topics and lyrical style, my two biggest influences are Tim Minchin and Paul Dempsey. These are two incredible songwriters who take very different approaches to the same objective I’m going for with my writing. I aim for a happy middle ground between Tim’s playful witty satire and Paul’s beautiful use of poetry and metaphor.

Sound-wise……I have so many favourite artists in radically different genres that they are too numerous to list.
I’ve also been a long-time fan of Tommy Emmanuel, and while I certainly can’t play guitar like him (few can), it’s his exuberant enthusiasm and drive with his unquenchable and infectious joy of performing that inspires me even more.

“When did you start playing music?

I did basic guitar lessons in primary school, but it wasn’t until high school in the mid 2000s that I truly became interested. It was from that moment that I knew I wanted to be a musician and since around 2014 I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do it full time.

“Why do you do what you do?

In my own way I want to help people. Whether I’m the catalyst for someone becoming interested in this world of science and skepticism; or I may help somebody to think twice before signing up to a pyramid scheme; or if I just make someone laugh, cry or feel genuine emotion that enriches their life, then my work is done.

“How can I get involved?

So good of you to ask!
I will always appreciate those who appreciate me and what I do, and your support really does mean the world to me.

– First and foremost, come to my live shows and share these beautiful moments with me that just can’t ever be properly captured or replicated, only experienced.
Buy my released music that I’ve put my time, effort, money and soul into and/or other merchandise to show people that you enjoy what I do.
– Follow me on social media and online. I hate begging for likes, but in this day and age, people use your online presence as a quick-and-easy measure of success, and your every click counts.
– If my music and my message have had a positive impact on you, tell people about it! They might enjoy it too.
– Come and say hi if you see me around, or send me an email if I’m not close enough. I always love meeting good people and hearing their stories.
– And of course, listen…