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In a dark, smoky room in a far away city, a shady cabal of businessmen plot to control the music industry. Manufacturing pop stars, censoring dissenters and controlling the media in order to market their plastic version of music to the world, this group continues to make untold millions off of the great unwashed masses.

But one man has uncovered the truth! That there are songs out there with a heart, a message, a purpose.

This man fights to bring you songs with dynamic, rhythmic guitar, powerful raw vocals, emotion, allusion, metaphor and satire. Songs that are just catchy enough to stay in your head, and deliver to you their not-so-subliminal messages.

For security reasons, lest THEY track him down, he can give you only his code name: “Conspiracy of One”.

Great music is not always achieved by adding more sounds, but sometimes by taking them away.

Conspiracy of One is my solo acoustic project. Solo in the truest sense of the word, as it’s a one-man operation (It’s even in the name!).
In it, I explore many styles (rock, blues, folk, funk, punk, finger picking) through an acoustic lens. I use only my voice (with minimal effects), a guitar and a tambourine.
Contrasting with and complimenting Sentient Life, it is the bare bones, minimalist side of my original music journey.

You can usually find me performing regularly around Brisbane and the Northern Rivers.
I have released two EPs under this project in 2013 and 2014 and I have plans for more in the future.

How did it all begin?

I was first inspired by watching Diesel play a solo acoustic show, and delving into his live solo recordings opened my eyes (and ears) to a stripped back, intimate setting, where dynamics and silence are important elements. It drove me to craft my own sound with that same sense of energy and range that you can really only show when it’s just you and the audience.

I began performing solo in 2010, not long after Outside the SQuare started playing regular gigs, and I’ve since played more solo shows than any other project (just over 300 at this time!).

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