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Presenting Brisbane’s sultan of science

His continuing mission: To explore the curious depths of the human psyche.
To seek out truth and understanding in a complicated world.
To boldly go where few songwriters have gone before.
It’s funk rock…but not as we know it.

Sounds like: Diesel playing funk with the flavour (and long hair) of Thirsty Merc.
For fans of: Tim Minchin, Something for Kate and Science (the concept, not the band).

After a huge inaugural solo tour in September 2018 along the QLD east coast playing 19 dates between Brisbane and Airlie Beach, Nathan is continuing to build momentum in 2019 by assembling his live band and recording a brand new single “Don’t Forget to Like!” slated for release later in the year, a love song from social media to you.

There’s nothing cold about the fusion of elements that make up Conspiracy of One.
For a strong base, start with the groovy percussive rhythm guitar work of Diesel, the Doobie Brothers and Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) with the riffs of soul, rhythm & blues and pop punk.
Mix in the melodic vocals of Michael Jackson and Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger) with the sing-along hooks of Thirsty Merc and the raw power of Diesel and Ian Kenny (Birds of Tokyo, Karnivool).
Add a touch of Tim Minchin’s witty logic; a pinch of Paul Dempsey’s poetic narrative; and a bunch of Ben Folds’ playful sarcasm.
Now view the world at 320° and add an electric current equivalent to Tommy Emmanuel’s boundless enthusiasm.
Remember your safety goggles and don’t forget to turn off the Bunsen burner!

Underneath the veneer of fun catchy sounds, his ultimate goal is to involve YOU and encourage new perspectives and critical thought about our modern society; to foster an appreciation for science and rationality; and to see that in a world so full of misinformation, frauds and fakes, working out for yourself what’s real and what isn’t might just be a little easier.

Put simply, Conspiracy of One is substance with style.
Music to get you thinking on your feet!

From the opening See Food Diet, with its quick-witted lyrics and smooth funky guitar sound, I knew we were in for some fun…
With no doubt I will absolutely be returning to see Conspiracy of One again!

  – Tracey Moyle, GCLive

Such an amazing band! Tight, fun, engaging and fantastic musicianship and compositions.
  – Damien Johnson. Facebook


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