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Conspiracy of One – Gravity EP

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Conspiracy of One – Gravity EP

My first solo acoustic EP released under the Conspiracy of One name, and my first ever release.
‘Gravity, it’s just a theory’ was officially launched on 6th July 2013 in Lismore NSW.

Included tracks:
1. In Last or Outcast
2. FREE or best offer
3. Just a Theory
4. Jump/Push/Fall
5. Stop and Smell the Smoke

Themes: Social exclusion, fads and trends; modern attitudes toward technology and advertising; a tongue-in-cheek embrace of Intelligent Falling; an idealistic look at our future; addiction and its’ impact.


Both physical and digital versions are available. Click the play button below to listen to a preview.
As with all of my music, you choose the price you think it’s worth.

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