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It’s just like any other night at an unappreciated and under-funded SETI research lab. A lone grad student sits quietly glued to a screen as the minutes dissolve into hours.

Suddenly, the equipment springs to life with the discovery of a signal of unknown origin!

Strange, yet familiar sounds invade the room, full of funky, energetic rock and punk-inspired delivery. Held together by lively guitar riffs, catchy hooks, passionate vocals and quirky lyrics that betray a sense of deeper meaning.

Could it be?
Could this be evidence of sentient life?!

And if so, the bigger question remains…do they come in peace?

Sentient Life, my newest project, is the full-band side of the coin for my original music, contrasting and complimenting Conspiracy of One.
While currently funk and punk flavoured alt rock, this project is limited only by the imagination, with plans to explore many musical styles in the future.

Drawing on many styles and countless artists (both old and new) for inspiration, Sentient Life (and Conspiracy of One) is about creating songs that are fun to hear on the surface, but also contain deeper messages and stories to be discovered by the listener.
Commentaries on and slight parodies of the familiar while delving into the human psychology behind many facets of our modern world using satire and humour.

Although only officially born in 2017, this is something I’ve been planning for many years and I am incredibly excited for it to finally be real!

I launched Sentient Life in mid 2017 with a debut EP, the first of many releases to come, and plans to create a new live band to get these songs out into your ears personally!

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